This real-life electric vehicle concept is basically a ‘Star Wars’ podracer

Say what you will about the prequels, but Star Wars: The Phantom Menace did make one undeniably excellent addition to the canon of a galaxy far, far away: podracing.

This personal electronic vehicle from Jetson looks like the closest anyone is going to get to emulating Anakin in real life, and its launch video even shows the vehicle zooming above the ground in a very Tattooine-esque desert locale. According to Jetson’s website, this baby is capable of flying for up to 20 minutes at a time and has reached a maximum speed of 63 mph. It also rather helpfully can continue flying after losing one of its four motors, which will be a relief when Sebulba starts playing dirty on the Mos Espa Grand Arena.

Jetson plans to ship their commercial version of the prototype in 2023, but the cost of reliving Star Wars isn’t cheap. One reservation is $92,000 USD, which converts to a lot of Republic or Imperial credits.

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