Save 49% on the Google Nest Mini via Walmart

Deal pricing and availability subject to change after time of publication.

SAVE $24.02: The second-gen Google Nest Mini is on sale at Walmart for just $24.98 as of Oct. 5. It usually retails for $49, so this deal saves you a solid 49%.

As Amazon rolls out some “Black Friday-worthy deals” earlier than ever before, we’ve heard very little about the matter from one of its closest retail rivals: Walmart. The big box store has really only confirmed that its stores will be closed for in-person shoppers on Thanksgiving, while a “Black Friday ” landing page on its website encourages deal-hungry early birds to “Check back later.” Womp womp.

If we absolutely had to guess, Walmart’s holiday offers will probably look something like its current markdown on the second-gen Google Nest Mini. As of Oct. 5, the popular little smart speaker from 2019 was on sale there for just $24.98 — that’s a whole 49% off its suggested retail price of $49.

Elsewhere, we found it going for a whole cent more ($24.99) at Best Buy, Target, and Kohl’s. Amazon hasn’t sold Google Nest products since 2018, so don’t bother looking there.

Choose from four colors: Chalk (pictured), Charcoal, Coral, or Sky.
Credit: Google

If anything, the Nest Mini may get $5 cheaper and drop to last year’s Black Friday price of $18.98, but waiting for that discount requires betting against it selling out. (That’s a legit possibility given the supply chain issues currently affecting smart speakers and other gadgets, unfortunately.)

As a quick refresher, the Nest Mini is the follow-up to Google’s original Home Mini from 2018. (Google merged its Home and Nest brands a few months before the former came out.) It packs some newer proprietary audio tuning software for twice the bass and fuller, more natural sound, along with an improved-upon Google Assistant; a dedicated machine learning chip brings faster response times, while a built-in dynamic audio function can now adjust the volume based on any background noise.

Choose from four colors: Chalk, Charcoal, Coral, or Sky. (Fun fact: The latter was inspired by Italy’s Lake Como, says Google. Snazzy.)

all four colors of the google nest mini lined up next to each other

Credit: Google

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