How to bookmark tweets on Twitter

Apparently over a third of the global population have never used the internet. They’re probably happier for it. Anyway, for those of us chained to our screens by the clawing monster of corporate capitalism, here’s .

Introduced in 2018, Twitter’s Bookmarks feature allows users to save tweets they may want to look at again later. Unlike Likes or Retweets, your list of bookmarked tweets isn’t visible to anyone else, allowing you to just go ham and save whatever you like without completely torpedoing your public persona.

Considering how many celebrities and politicians have been called out for liking NSFW tweets, the ability to privately Bookmark tweets seems like a feature more people should be using.

Here’s bookmark a tweet.

  1. Open Twitter.

  2. Go to the Tweet you wish to bookmark. It can be your own tweet or someone else’s.

  3. Click or tap on the share icon in the bottom right corner of the tweet. This will open a menu.

  4. From this menu, select “Bookmark” to bookmark the tweet.


remove yourself from a Twitter list

To view your bookmarked tweets, simply select “Bookmarks” from the menu on the left of your screen. If you’re on mobile, tap your profile icon to open this menu first.

For a little mental health boost, try using Bookmarks whenever someone tweets something nice about you, or when you see a tweet that makes you happy. Soon you’ll have built a nice little collection of comforting tweets to soothe you whenever your Twitter timeline gets flooded with the soul-destroying news story du jour.

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