GoPro unveils Twitch-like streaming service for thrill-seekers

You’ll need to be a subscriber to GoPro Plus to take advantage of the service, which is the company’s $5 per month premium membership. Plus already includes benefits like unlimited storage of your GoPro videos at native resolution and discounts on accessories — the streaming option adds to that with no extra charge. Of course, you can already stream from your GoPro to platforms like and Twitch for free, but never a bad thing to have more options, and as a dedicated platform it might be easier to grow a community or followers.

Beyond the new streaming service, GoPro also announced a beta version of its webcam utility for Windows (it was Mac only until now). The Mac version will also move from beta to an official feature in a new firmware update. This same update also offers HyperSmooth 2.0 video stabilization to “more video settings” but without specifics about what modes that includes.

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