DJI’s Osmo Mobile 3 costs less than $100 at Amazon right now

Buy Osmo Mobile 3 combo kit at Amazon – $119

The biggest difference between the Osmo Mobile 3 and the OM4 is that the latter lets you attach your smartphone to it magnetically instead of using a traditional clamp mount. The OM4 comes with a magnetic “pop socket”-like attachment that you can leave on the back of your phone as well as a magnetic clip that breaks free from the gimbal and can be left on your smartphone in between uses. These options are much easier to use and more elegant than clamp mounts, even if they require you to keep an extra accessory on your smartphone for a while.

DJI also added some new features to its mobile app with the launch of the OM4, including Dynamic Zoom. However, it’s likely that the Osmo Mobile 3 will gain the new app-based features in due time. So unless the magnetic mounting options will make your life a whole lot easier, you can stick with the Osmo Mobile 3 without missing too much of the OM4 experience.

DJI has the most name recognition in the smartphone gimbal space for good reason: both the Osmo Mobile 3 and the OM4 will cradle and stabilize your smartphone while you take the most cinematic videos possible. The company made huge updates to the device with last year’s launch, making it more compact thanks to its foldable design. It’ll shoot up to 15 hours of video before it needs to be recharged, and it has all of DJI’s sold capture features including Story, Sport, TimeLapse and Slow Motion capture modes, ActiveTrack for keeping a certain subject center in the frame and easy access triggers for zooming and flipping your smartphone around to shoot in selfie view.

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