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Digitron NG. Tech News, Computer Gadgets, Smartphones, Games, Information Technology, Videos, PC Utilities, Phone Utilites, Tips and Tricks, Tutorials. We successfully fused Technology and Entertainment to give you a very exciting experience on our website.
Digitron NG. Tech News, Computer Gadgets, Smartphones, Games, Information Technology, Videos, PC Utilities, Phone Utilites, Tips and Tricks, Tutorials. We successfully fused Technology and Entertainment to give you a very exciting experience on our website.
Digitron NG. Tech News, Computer Gadgets, Smartphones, Games, Information Technology, Videos, PC Utilities, Phone Utilites, Tips and Tricks, Tutorials. We successfully fused Technology and Entertainment to give you a very exciting experience on our website.
Digitron NG. Tech News, Computer Gadgets, Smartphones, Games, Information Technology, Videos, PC Utilities, Phone Utilites, Tips and Tricks, Tutorials. We successfully fused Technology and Entertainment to give you a very exciting experience on our website.
Digitron NG. Tech News, Computer Gadgets, Smartphones, Games, Information Technology, Videos, PC Utilities, Phone Utilites, Tips and Tricks, Tutorials. We successfully fused Technology and Entertainment to give you a very exciting experience on our website.

Best Soda Maker [2019]

With a simple-to-use design and pre-set levels of carbonation, you will get a consistent result every time from this Soda Stream model. The One-Touch Fizzi is powered by electricity and features a snap-lock system that means you can go from flat to fizzy water in mere seconds.

IKICH has taken the best from other manufacturers and combined it in this simple, affordable model that provides impressive results. Compatible with cartridges and bottles from other machines, the IKICH 2019 Sparkling Water Maker offers an inexpensive option to those ready to invest in an at-home soda experience.

No other soda maker makes a carbonator with this much style, and the Aarke Carbonator II is also built to last. With stainless steel construction and an elegant lever mechanism, you can customize your bubbles with every drink you make.

How We Picked

Soda makers and at-home carbonators have gained popularity over the past decade, and there are several manufacturers that now specialize in this niche market. The availability of carbon dioxide refill cylinders has made making your own soda and fizzy drinks easy and affordable. And the reduction of plastic and aluminum waste is another significant benefit that draws people to purchasing a soda machine.

While there are many options for carbonators and soda machines on the market, not all are reliable, safe, and built to last. To choose our list of the best soda makers, we wanted to ensure that the products we recommended were from reputable manufacturers, included the ability to customize the carbonation level in your drinks, and were deemed safe by leading industry experts. Because carbonation comes from compressed gas, safety should always be an essential consideration when purchasing any soda maker.

Our list was curated from online reviews and rankings, manufacturer specifications, and industry tests. We chose options for those who are new to soda making as well as those who are hardcore about their bubbly beverages. Whether you drink only one carbonated beverage a day or drink only fizzy beverages all day, there is an option for you on our list.

Soda Stream Fizzi One-Touch Sparkling Water Maker

Soda Stream Fizzi One-Touch Sparkling Water Maker

What We Like

Unlike other soda makers, the One-Touch Fizzi does all the work for you, which means you get consistent results every time you use it. While most carbonators require you to press a button a number of times to inject your desired level of carbon dioxide, this Soda Stream version requires only the press of one single button.

This machine is also easy to load the filled bottle. The nozzle remains tilted at the correct angle until you insert the bottle, after which you press it into place. There is no need to screw the container on and off, as the snap and lock system holds it firmly in place throughout the carbonation process.

This model is slim and sleek, taking up little counter space. And because you do not need to spend so much time screwing and unscrewing the bottles each time you carbonate a bottle of water, it can sit out of the way when not in use.


The Soda Stream Fizzi One-Touch Sparkling Water Maker takes the guesswork out of making perfect carbonated water every time. This model provides consistent results from the beginning to the end of your CO2 cartridge, and it is simple to use. With one-touch operation, a snap and lock bottle system, and slender design, you could not ask for more in a soda maker from a leader in the industry.

DrinkMate Sparkling Water and Soda Maker with 2 Large Cylinders

DrinkMate Sparkling Water and Soda Maker with 2 Large Cylinders

What We Like

Unlike other soda makers, the DrinkMate technology allows you to carbonate lots of liquids. This is great news for people who like fizzy cocktails, bubbles in their wine, and adding tang to their teas and juices. Unlike SodaStream products, which release the pressure all at once, the DrinkMate uses a patented lid that steadily releases the pressure in a controlled manner that will not cause sticky explosions all over your kitchen.

Manufactured in the US by iDrink, you will get a two-year warranty when you purchase a DrinkMate system, giving you peace of mind about your purchase. They use a quick-connect bottle lock mechanism to improve ease of use, and you can purchase extra bottles directly from the manufacturer, too.

Because you do not need electricity or batteries to use this machine, you can take it anywhere, including backyard parties, tailgating events, and picnics. It comes in three colors, so you can find one that will look right at home in your kitchen. This machine is compatible with all 60-liter CO2 cartridges, which makes finding refills quite easy.


This DrinkMate Sparkling Water and Soda Maker system comes in at a close second for us because of its ability to carbonate other beverages. While it takes a little more time and is not quite as easy to use as the SodaStream one-touch above, it is still worth the little bit of extra effort for those who love fizzy drinks of all kinds. You get a reliable, reputable product for a reasonable price with this model.

Aarke Carbonator II Premium Carbonator and Sparkling Water Maker

Aarke Carbonator II Premium Carbonator and Sparkling Water Maker

What We Like

Striving for quality over quantity, the Aarke Carbonator II may be a little pricier than the competitors, but that is because you get sturdy metal materials and quality parts. Unlike the plastic versions of other competitors, this beefy stainless machine will not get tipped over on accident or need replacing anytime soon.

You can use any standard 60-liter canister of carbon dioxide with this model, making it easy to find refills when you need them. The smooth-action lever on this model allows you to add as much or as little carbonation to your water as you like, giving you the perfect amount of fizz for your drinks. Depending on how full your cartridge is, each pull may last one or a few seconds. You can pull the lever up to three times to add more bubbles.

This soda maker looks great, is easy-to-use, and is also easy to keep clean. There is a splash tray under the bottle nozzle, which you can easily remove to clean, and the rest of the machine just requires the occasional wipe down with a damp cloth.


For those interested in great looks as well as great-tasting water, the Aarke Carbonator II is your perfect choice. The heavy-duty stainless steel and uncomplicated design provide style as well as function, giving you the ability to customize your water fizz to your tastes with the pull of a lever. Proudly display this gadget in your kitchen and enjoy sparkling water any time you want it.

IKICH 2019 Sparkling Water Maker with Snap Lock Water Bottles

IKICH 2019 Sparkling Water Maker with Snap Lock Water Bottles

What We Like

Soda Stream’s Fizzi features the quick-lock system that means you do not have to screw the water bottle on and off the machine to secure it. This model works by using the power of CO2 only, so you simply press the top button down once, twice, or three times to customize your level of carbonation. Like all Soda Stream models, you can only carbonate water, but with their extensive line of flavorings, infusions, and other syrups, you will have plenty of beverage choices from which to select.

This system is perfect for those getting started with at-home carbonation because it has everything you need for several people to enjoy fizzy drinks. Having two bottles means you can keep one for water and the other for soda, place one in the refrigerator while the other stays out, or you can make two different drinks and keep them fresh. Having two cartridges to start means you will never run out and do not have to wait until you are entirely out of CO2 before running to the store to exchange. You can always have one in the machine and one ready for a refill.

The Fizzi comes in seven color combinations, so there is a model that will look great with your décor. It is simple to use and is compatible with Soda Stream’s entire line of products, and it is backed by their reputation as a leading manufacturer of soda machines.


While this may not be the least expensive model on our list, it is one of the best values given all you get with the SodaStream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker Bundle. For families or couples ready to invest in a soda machine, this is an excellent choice that gives you a lot for your money. With easy-to-use snap-lock design and customizable fizz levels, what more could you want in an at-home carbonator?

DrinkMate Spritzer Portable Sparkling Water and Soda Maker

DrinkMate Spritzer Portable Sparkling Water and Soda Maker

What We Like

While not for everyone, the classic and straightforward seltzer maker is a great option for those with limited carbonation needs. You get a quality tool at a low price, which is perfect for those who plan to use fizzy water only once in a while. The small CO2 cartridges that you use with this soda maker are widely available and recyclable.

While there are not many features or options with this model, you will get carbonated water with just the touch of a button when you opt for this design. Having one of these on hand for parties and mixing cocktails is an affordable option for most.


The sleek and classic design of the Impeccable Culinary Objects (ICO) Soda Siphon is a terrific addition to your home. For the occasional seltzer drinker or those looking to add some fizz to their party guests’ drinks, you can’t go wrong with this high-quality and affordable option.

Buyer’s Guide to Finding the Best Soda Maker

When selecting a soda maker, there are several key factors that you will want to consider. Not everyone will have the same needs, and your preferences and budget will play a role in which model will work best for you and your family. Here are the most important considerations to look for when choosing a soda maker for your use.


Because soda is made by injecting carbon dioxide into a liquid and therefore requires the use of compressed gas, you want to be sure that your soda machine has safety features that prevent your bottle from exploding or gas from building up in the cylinder. Reputable manufacturers will provide many safety features, so as long as you buy from one of these industry leaders, you should be safe. Always look for safety recalls on a product before purchasing, just to be safe.


Some families may drink several liters of soda per day, while others may only enjoy the occasional glass of sparkling water. Knowing your needs will help you determine which soda maker is right for you. If you plan to drink several carbonated beverages per day, then buying a machine that uses the smaller cartridges is not economical or environmentally sound. Most machines today use 60-liter cylinders, and some can even accommodate 130-liter cartridges.


Knowing what you would like to carbonate is also helpful. While most machines can only add bubbles to water, some can accommodate other liquids, including wine, juice, and tea. If you plan to use your soda machine to make cocktails or you want to be able to add bubbles to beverages without adding sparkling water, you will want to investigate these other options.


If you plan to use your machine regularly, choosing one that is built to last using high-quality materials will be necessary. While some plastics are durable, others are flimsier and can break easily. Many manufacturers are now creating machines that are made from metal or other, more-durable materials, ensuring they can stand the test of time.


Being able to choose or adjust your level of carbonation is also something you want to consider. While you may like just a few bubbles in your drink, others in your home may prefer heavier carbonation. Getting a unit that allows you to adjust your fizziness level will ensure that everyone gets what they want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does a soda maker do, exactly?

A: Soda makers are simply machines that inject fizz or bubbles into your drinks. All soda makers are simply variations on this principle and use some sort of carbon dioxide gas cylinder to store gas until the mechanism infuses the liquid with it. Machines can be handheld or countertop models, and the cartridges that store the gas can be single-use or multiuse. While there are soda makers that use other tricks, like sodium bicarbonate tablets, to make the drink fizzy, these will not have the same taste as authentic soda.

Most soda makers work by infusing regular water with the CO2 gas, and then flavored syrups are mixed with the carbonated water to create the desired drink. A few models allow you to carbonate liquids other than water, but not many.

Q: Why should I buy a soda maker?

A: There are many reasons why purchasing an at-home soda machine may be the best choice for you. First, a soda maker allows you to create your own drinks and customize them to your tastes and preferences. Making carbonated water at home is safe, fast, and easy, too. You will not have to purchase cans or bottles from the store, which not only means you will not be lugging heavy drinks around, but it also means you are generating less waste for our planet. Because you can purchase many assorted flavors of syrup or use natural ingredients to create your drinks, you can easily have a different drink for everyone in your home without buying huge quantities of assorted beverages at the store.

Q: How do I keep my soda maker clean?

A: Your manufacturer will provide cleaning instructions, which you should follow carefully. Most bottles that are included with soda machines are not dishwasher safe and include special cleaning instructions. You must follow these, or your bottle could become compromised and break under the pressure of soda making. Most bottles are designed to last only a few years before they should be replaced, as well.

Keep the nozzle of your machine clean by wiping it down regularly. Most machines only require the occasional pass with a damp cloth to keep the outer housing clean and free of dust or debris, as well. If your device has a drip tray, you should wipe this out regularly, as well.

If your soda maker allows you to carbonate beverages other than water, you should wipe down all components, nozzles, and fittings after each use. Sweet and sticky liquids can easily clog working parts and result in problems.

Q: Will my soda machine allow me to carbonate sodas that have gone flat?

A: Most soda makers available today are designed to carbonate water only. That means you cannot place flat soda or any other liquid inside the bottle that is to receive the CO2 injection. Doing so can cause pressure to reach levels that are too high and result in an explosion of liquid all over your machine and your kitchen. Read the manufacturer’s directions for your soda maker to see what types of beverages can be carbonated and always follow these guidelines for safe use.

Q: Should I buy a handheld or countertop model?

A: While both are excellent choices, your needs will determine which works best for you. While handheld models are lightweight and portable, they also use very small gas cartridges that will need to be replaced frequently if you use your soda maker a lot. Larger, countertop models can accommodate more substantial canisters of gas, which means you will not need to refill them as often. If you are an avid sparkling beverage drinker, having a handheld device to keep at the office or in your vehicle can be a wonderful supplement to your at-home, countertop machine.

Q: How long will my sparkling water last before it loses its fizz?

A: The bottles that are provided with your soda maker are designed to retain the gas and keep your water from going flat. Keeping the cap on tightly will enable the bottle to work efficiently. Most bottles will keep beverages bubbly for at least one week, possibly longer, if the bottle remains sealed.

Q: Do I need to use special water with my soda maker?

A: No. You can use any water you prefer to make your sparkling drinks. Most soda makers recommend carbonating cold water for the best results, but you can use filtered, tap, or bottled water.


Buying a soda maker is a perfect way to add fizz and fun to your beverages at home, and because carbonated water tastes great, it can even help you drink more of this life-giving liquid. At-home soda machines are available in a wide range of styles with many unique features, and there is a model out there that is perfect for you.

Today’s soda machines benefit from industry-wide standards that make carbon dioxide refills widely and readily available, and they also include safety features that ensure their safe operation. You can use the flavoring syrups and infusions from one maker with all types of carbonated water, making your options for tastes endless.

Choosing a soda maker may seem tricky until you realize that the most crucial factors to consider are how you plan to use the machine. Once you know your family’s needs, then you can choose the machine that matches those best. And with the eight excellent options on our list for 2019, you have the best contenders from which to choose. Cheers to your bubbly beverages!

Product Boxes: Last updated on 2019-12-07 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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