8 Ways the Lego Home Alone Set Will Help You Forget the Remake

Image for article titled 8 Ways Lego's New 3,955-Piece Home Alone Set Will Help You Forget There's an Awful Disney+ Remake Coming

The news that Disney was prepping a remake/sequel of Home Alone for its streaming service was all the more upsetting when the first trailer for Home Sweet Home Alone was actually released. Instead of watching that, thanks to Lego, you can instead immerse yourself in the original holiday classic with this spectacular recreation of the McCallisters’ home that young Kevin is forced to defend.

As revealed last summer, Alex Storozhuk’s Lego Ideas Home Alone house submission was approved to be turned into a real set, and thanks to Lego designers Antica Bracanov and Enrique Belmonte Beixer, it’s finally ready for an official production run. The set is stuffed full of countless vignettes and Easter eggs from the 1990 film. Here are some of the best features that might make it impossible to pass up, and at least will help you completely forget about that remake.

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