7-Eleven to make deliveries with self-driving cars in Google’s hometown

7-Eleven just got more convenient for some California snackers.

Residents of Mountain View, California (where Google is based) can order 7-Eleven goodies that will arrive in autonomous vehicles from robotics company Nuro.

To start, orders will arrive in Nuro’s modified Toyota Priuses with a safety driver up front. Eventually, 7-Eleven plans to use Nuro’s autonomous bot, the R2, a smaller vehicle with no room for a driver. It’s already been used to deliver pizza in Texas. 

Eventually the R2 delivery bot will drop off orders.
Credit: Nuro

Last year, Nuro got federal approval to modify the vehicle and remove the steering wheel.

The 7-Eleven deliveries will be the first autonomous deliveries from a major business in California. Orders through the 7-Eleven delivery app, 7NOW, will be autonomously dropped off at no extra charge for Mountain View residents. While 7-Eleven is known for its late-night hours, the robo-deliveries will only be available from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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